For chronic pain conditions and acute pain and injuries
What is myofascial release?

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About Us

The Pain Care Clinic offers a unique combination of myofascial release, ScarWork and non-invasive advanced clinical massage therapy and bodywork techniques including trigger point therapy, sports massage and other massage techniques to create tailored programmes for individual private clients at our clinic locations in Leeds, Yorkshire, Brighton and Hove, Sussex, Eastbourne as well as online myofascial consultations.

Clients consult us following diagnosis of a range of chronic pain conditions and acute pain or sports injuries including:


Sports Injuries Massage Treatment

Practical Myofascial Release Training for Therapists



Train with us to become a myofascial release specialist


Our Approach

Practical Myofascial Release is a structured approach to effectively treating complex chronic pain conditions


Chronic Pain

Learn how to treat common, complex and ‘hard to treat’ chronic pain conditions with our exclusively myofascial approach

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