Pain Care Clinic Mind-Body Therapy

A mind-body approach to chronic pain

At Pain Care Clinic we take a mind-body approach to chronic pain. The mind and body are intimately interconnected through fascia and through a shared nervous system. When one is affected, so is the other.

The long lasting nature of many chronic pain conditions means that, by the time we see people, their mind-body has developed a feedback loop that maintains their pain. In other words their pain has become a learned response.

For many people, myofascial release bodywork is enough to interrupt the pain cycle and restore healthy pain-free balance. However, some people’s minds need a little extra encouragement to let go of their old unhelpful patterns.

Relaxation exercises for chronic pain

Relaxation exercises are a way to encourage your mind to let go. If your mind lets go, then your body automatically releases tension and pain. If you practise regularly this helps to create a new pain-free learned response.

We can give you relaxation exercises to do between sessions. These can be used at any time to help calm the mind and relax the body.

Hypnotherapy techniques for chronic pain

Hypnotherapy techniques can also be used to relax mind and body and change pain responses. These are effective because they work with the unconscious mind. With your permission, we can discuss whether these approaches would be helpful to you.