Have you considered training as a massage therapist?

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I ask this appreciating with it may seem like a strange question coming from a myofascial release specialist clinic.

But everyone who is a therapist, no matter what they end up specialising in, has to start with the basics. For me this was a Holistic Massage qualification in Brighton in 2004. I signed up for the course because I had experienced the benefits of massage and wanted to learn for myself how to help people through hands-on therapy.

Like many people who re-train as massage therapists I also had experience in a high stress job where I spent hours working behind a desk for a big and impersonal company. I had lost any enjoyment in my work and thought there must be something better than this. Massage seemed as different from my job as I could get and that felt like a good place to begin.

When I started I had no idea where it would take me, certainly not that I would end up 20 years later as a myofascial release specialist. My journey ignited a passion for myofascial release, it took me through lots of further training in the UK, the USA and Europe. It incorporated teacher training which I initially used to train others in massage and now use to develop and run my own training courses in myofascial release.

And now to the latest chapter in my story, as I was recently approached by a friend who asked if I’d consider starting a massage training school in Edinburgh, my home city. To cut what could be a very long story short, I said yes, and now have a shiny new Holistic Massage Diploma course. It’s accredited by the Massage Training Institute (MTI), the first and the original accrediting body for massage therapy in the UK.

The MTI are a fantastic organisation to belong to as they are truly a family of like-minded people, Unlike many other complementary therapy accrediting bodies they have stayed true to their roots as a not-for-profit company that remains dedicated to massage therapy and nothing else. They maintain high standards for all students training on their Diploma course.

So if you’ve ever considered training in massage, here’s your opportunity to do so in the beautiful city break destination that is Edinburgh (okay, I’m quite biased). The course starts this September and runs for 10 months. It includes lots of content covering practical massage techniques, anatomy, physiology & pathology and practice management. This gives you all the tools you will need to become a fully qualified massage therapist.

The training consists of a practical training weekend each month, an online monthly tutorial and additional online supervision. You will be fully supported at every stage from your initial practice sessions, through your study and assignments, to your final exams.


You can read more about the course, and apply to join HERE


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