New Clinic in Edinburgh!!

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This month I have some great news as we open our latest Pain Care Clinic in Edinburgh!

As a Scottish ex-pat I have lived in many countries around the world since I left the motherland equally many years ago. It’s a common pattern for a lot of Scots that we spend much of our lives travelling far and wide. And it’s also very common that we eventually return home to Scotland.

Returning to Edinburgh has also given me the opportunity to fulfill a long-held dream which is to open my own dedicated clinic space. Now that I both see clients as well as train therapists to become myofascial release specialists it made sense for me to consolidate my activities into one permanent space.

Suitably in keeping with my new location I am setting up my business in an historic whisky bond warehouse in Leith, although a spoiler alert is that there won’t be any whisky on offer! Instead it is a lovely old characterful building that has now been developed into a modern business space in vibrant north Edinburgh. My clinic space is also large enough to run my popular Practical Myofascial Release courses for therapists, and I look forward to restarting my public myofascial self-help workshops here too in due course.

I’ll be open for business in Edinburgh from August onwards and will be delighted to see you there if you’d like to book an appointment. You can find full information about my new Edinburgh clinic HERE.

However at the same time I also want to reassure any existing clients in other locations that our clinics continue as normal in Brighton, Eastbourne and Leeds. In Leeds in particular I am continuing a weekly clinic which I have now relocated to a therapy space in Burley Park, LS6. Full information about my new Leeds location can be found HERE.

Wherever you are, on behalf of Melanie and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the Pain Care Clinic and we look forward to continuing to help you in whatever way we can.


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