Important Information about Covid Safe Clinic Appointments

We are delighted to be able to welcome clients back to clinic. Unfortunately at the moment, circumstances dictate that some clients are not ‘allowed’ to return, and we must offer fewer appointments and in fewer locations. We hope you will understand.

Government and professional body guidance for close contact services is changeable, so expect updates to this page. You can read the current actual government guidance HERE.

Available locations

  • We are re-opening our Leeds,  Hove, and Eastbourne clinics for now. We are also running online appointments with Amanda for advice about self-care myofascial release (see below).

Extremely vulnerable’ and ‘vulnerable’ clients

  • If you are ‘extremely vulnerable’ according to the government definition, or live with someone who is, unfortunately we will not be able to treat you.
  • If you are ‘vulnerable’ according to the government definition, we may be able to treat you, with permission from your GP


  • Appointments will be single appointments of 55 minutes. We can’t offer double appointments.
  • We will complete some admin with you ‘remotely’ either before or after your appointment.
  • We will keep a full record of all client appointments and may be required to share some of this data with NHS Test and Trace.
  • We need more time between appointments to clean and sanitise. Therefore we have fewer appointments available.

New clients

  • We are free to welcome back those existing clients who are not in a vulnerable category (see above). However, due to government guidance we may not be able to see new clients.
  • All new clients will be required to complete a health history questionnaire and an online pre-appointment consultation. This will be via Zoom and will last 15 minutes. There will be a fee of £10 for this pre-appointment consultation.

Paying for your appointment

  • We have a contact-free payment system, and will ask you to to pay in advance of your consultation / appointment. We will send you details when you book.

Before your appointment

  • We have updated our appointment reminder system. You will now receive an email 24 hours before EVERY SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. We will not be sending any text reminders.
  • The email you receive before each appointment will ask you about your current health. You must provide a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.
  • The questions are intended to screen out potential Covid-19 risk. We have to ask them and it is in everyone’s interests that you answer honestly.  If there are any issues we will phone you as soon as possible after your reply.

Coming for your appointment

  • Please arrive at your appointed time. If you arrive early we won’t be able to let you in as we will still be preparing the clinic space for your appointment.
  • Please come on your own unless you need assistance. If you do need assistance please let us know in advance.
  • Please only bring essential items with you, including water if you would like this.
  • We ask you to wear a face mask for your appointment – if you don’t have one we can provide a disposable one when you arrive.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided when you first arrive and again at the end of your treatment. If you need to sneeze or cough, please use tissues provided and place them into the covered bin.
  • If you have the NHS Covid-19 App you can now scan our location QR code when you arrive for your appointment. 
  • A toilet and handwashing facilities are available for you. We will clean them after every use.

About the clinic space

  • We have conducted Covid-19 specific risk assessments and have have removed some non-essential items from our treatment rooms and added additional safety measures.
  • Our clinic space is cleaned and sanitised at the beginning and end of each clinic day.
  • All ‘touch points’ are sanitised between each appointment.
  • We use a combination of washable, waterproof, and disposable coverings on the treatment table.
  • We change / sanitise between each appointment.
  • We keep the treatment rooms ventilated and warm.

About your therapist

  • Unless we tell you otherwise, you can assume that we are well and Covid-19 symptom free. We will notify you if anything changes that means we can’t treat you.

For your appointment:

  • We will wear a visor and a face mask for your treatment.
  • We will not wear gloves as these are not deemed essential for skin-to-skin therapy and may interfere with the treatment.
  • We will wash/sanitise our hands before you arrive and again directly before we start treatment.
  • Rather than wear a plastic apron, we will wear a clean top for each client appointment.

Your treatment

  • Although myofascial release is a close contact therapy, we ask you to maintain ’social distancing’ when you arrive and leave.
  • We ask you to wear a face mask for your treatment – you can either bring your own or we can provide one. If you have difficulties with this, we may be able to adapt your treatment.

Aftercare advice

  • Current guidance says we cannot allow time for aftercare advice during your clinic appointment. However we are happy to provide this by email afterwards at no extra cost.

Online appointments

  • Online appointments are increasingly important for clients who can’t attend clinic. We can provide one-to-one advice and support as well as appropriate myofascial self-care exercises. We run 30 minute appointments via Zoom at a cost of £39.These can be booked by anyone.
  • To book an online appointment with Amanda email


  • Our standard cancellation policy is 48 hours.
  • However, if you develop Covid symptoms we ask you to cancel, even if it is on the day of your appointment. We won’t charge you for a Covid cancellation.

Whatever the government guidance, and whatever we do, all appointments are at your own risk.