Advanced Massage Techniques

Other Advanced Massage techniques and therapies we use

Although we specialise in myofascial release for the treatment of chronic pain, we have trained in many more advanced massage techniques and sometimes incorporate these into treatments, including:

Clinical Massage

Clinical massage is an umbrella term we use for a number of bodywork techniques including soft tissue release, sports massage, deep tissue work of various sorts and stretching.

Amanda Oswald Pain Care Clinic myofascial release therapist
Amanda Oswald Pain Care Clinic myofascial release therapist

Mind Body Therapy

At Pain Care Clinic we take a mind-body approach to chronic pain. The mind and body are intimately interconnected through fascia and through a shared nervous system. When one is affected, so is the other.

The long lasting nature of many chronic pain conditions means that, by the time we see people, their mind-body has developed a feedback loop that maintains their pain. In other words their pain has become a learned response.

For many people, myofascial release bodywork is enough to interrupt the pain cycle and restore healthy pain-free balance. However, some people’s minds need a little extra encouragement to let go of their old unhelpful patterns.

Relaxation Exercises For Chronic Pain

Relaxation exercises are a way to encourage your mind to let go. If your mind lets go, then your body automatically releases tension and pain. If you practise regularly this helps to create a new pain-free learned response.

We can give you relaxation exercises to do between sessions. These can be used at any time to help calm the mind and relax the body.

Amanda Oswald Pain Care Clinic myofascial release therapist
Amanda Oswald Pain Care Clinic myofascial release therapist


Pain Care Clinic sessions sometimes involve passive stretching techniques, in which you lie still and we gently stretch a problem area. However, generally we tend to encourage clients to do more active stretching exercises in between sessions, as this is widely believed to prolong the benefits of therapy, relaxing individual muscles, increasing flexibility and reducing the risk of future injury.

In particular, we recommend fascial stretching as a way of gently and progressively encouraging your fascia to release and become more fluid in the process.

Encouraging you to do regular stretching exercises between sessions is our way of helping you to help yourself. We will give you suggestions for a personalised routine of gentle fascial stretches that can be done at home or in the workplace with minimal or no equipment. We also run Living Pain Free workshops in fascial stretching.

Soft Tissue Release

Soft tissue release is a recognised sports massage technique.

Muscles are made up of strands of muscle fibres which should lie neatly alternating with one another. Each muscle has attachment points, where they attach to bones or other connective tissue. However, muscle fibres can become damaged, congested and tangled. This can distort attachment points and cause restrictions and pain.

Soft tissue release involves the therapist using manual pressure on a muscle to create a temporary false attachment point and then taking the muscle into a pain-free stretch to untangle the muscle fibres.

At the Pain Care Clinic we use soft tissue release to increase range of movement, relieve pain, prevent, repair and manage injuries.

Amanda Oswald Pain Care Clinic myofascial release therapist
Amanda Oswald Pain Care Clinic myofascial release therapist

Sports Massage

Sports massage is an advanced massage qualification in which the therapist is trained to use a range of techniques to treat common acute and chronic sports injuries and to advise clients on injury management, prevention and self-treatment.

Sports massage techniques include active and passive stretching, lymphatic drainage, and work on muscles, connective tissue, and nerves.

Sports massage techniques have a much wider application than just sportsmen and women, as many injuries can be caused by other day-to-day work and leisure activities.

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