Your Sessions

Key facts about the Pain Care Clinic sessions:

  • Pain Care Clinic locations are at UK London Harley Street, Leeds Yorkshire, Brighton & Hove Sussex, and Eastbourne, Sussex.
  • Therapies consist mainly of myofascial release and advanced massage techniques
  • Each session lasts 55 minutes
  • We recommend an initial minimum of 6 weekly sessions followed by regular maintenance for sustained benefits.

Your first session at the Pain Care Clinic

On your first visit we will talk through your current situation and your relevant medical history and treatment.  We will also start actual hands-on therapy in the first session.

Myofascial release is a gentle hands-on therapy that requires no oils or wax. We can work directly on skin or through clothing. Client modesty is preserved at all times.

Myofascial release is intended to be a relaxing therapy as well as working deeply into the body. A ‘no pain no gain’ approach is counter-productive, which is why so many people can benefit from myofascial release treatments to restore pain-free living.

Ongoing therapy at the Pain Care Clinic

Our aims are to:

  • Reduce your overall pain level
  • Maximise your pain-free time between sessions.

We encourage you to commit to an initial course of six weekly treatment sessions. We will discuss possible lifestyle and workplace changes that may be of benefit to you. We will also give you suggestions for self-help activities so you can progress to a longer-term maintenance programme as soon as possible.

In between myofascial release sessions

As you progress we will offer you general advice and suggestions for exercises that you may find useful in between sessions. This may include use of our Myofascial Release (MFR) Kit.