Runners Knee & Bursitis

Runners Knee & Bursitis

Runners knee is a painful condition of the outside knee. It is otherwise known as iliotibial band or ITB friction syndrome.

The iliotibial band or ITB is a tendon which runs down the outside of the thigh and crosses the knee.  This tendon can become inflamed where it rubs against the head of the shin bone.

Runners knee is commonly caused by too much downhill running, running on uneven roads, or as a result of genetic imbalances in the hip and leg.

Runners knee is often associated with bursitis.  Bursa are protective gel-filled sacs which cushion joints from impact.

Bursitis is the inflammation of bursa.  This inflammation can cause aching and stiffness around the joint and an intense burning pain.

Myofascial Release for Runners Knee

At the Pain Care Clinic we have had good results working on the muscles and soft tissues of the hip and leg using myofascial release and advanced massage therapies. This is surprising for many people to learn that their knee pain is actually caused by restrictions in their hips which cause the force of running and walking to be transmitted down to their knee.

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