Tendinitis & Paratendinitis

Tendinitis & Paratendinitis

Tendons are tough bands of collagen fibres and fascial tissue that attach muscle to bone, and which are designed to stretch and lengthen as pressure is exerted on them.

Where a tendon has to cross a bone it is enclosed in a tendon sheath and lubricated by synovial fluid (the same fluid that lubricates joints). Both tendons and tendon sheaths can become damaged by overload.

When a tendon becomes overstretched it can suffer microscopic tears, or even rupture, which results in inflammation. This is tendinitis. Damage to the tendon sheath, which often occurs at the same time, is called paratendinitis.

Tendinitis and paratendinitis can occur wherever there are tendons and tendon sheaths and are common symptoms of RSI type conditions in the shoulder, elbow, arm and wrist. And also in the lower leg, the Achilles tendon (and its tendon sheath) being probably the most well known tendon.

Tendons and tendon sheaths have only a limited blood supply, so when damage occurs it can take a long time for tendinitis to heal.

Chronic overuse of the affected area can cause painful degenerative changes affecting the surrounding nerve fibres and lead to conditions such as tennis elbow. These changes are referred to as tendonosis emphasise that, although the inflammation may have subsided, there is ongoing damage.

Tendinitis is a good example of a condition in which damage and pain can progress from acute pain to chronic pain.

Medical treatment for tendinitis is generally with anti-inflammatory drug. Total tendon rupture requires surgery.

Myofascial Release for Tendinitis & Paratendinitis

At the Pain Care Clinic we work with clients to assess the level of damage, reduce the inflammation and gently restore flexibility to the tendon through a combination of myofascial release and advanced massage techniques. We also encourage clients in the appropriate use of hot and cold applications between sessions.

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