Sciatica is a pain which radiates from the lower back or buttocks down the sciatic nerve into one or other leg, or sometimes both.  Sciatica may also be accompanied by more generalised lower back pain.

Sciatica can be caused by a slipped disk or by muscular pressure on the sciatic nerve, typically from the piriformis muscles which is found deep in the buttocks. Sciatica can be aggravated by exertion, coughing, sneezing or straining. In severe cases there may be numbness, weakness and reduction of reflexes in the affected leg.

Myofascial Release for Sciatica

At the Pain Care Clinic we use myofascial release and advanced massage techniques and to work on the muscles and soft tissues of the back, hips, buttocks and legs in clients with sciatica.

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The Pain Care Clinic specialises in myofascial release and advanced massage therapy for private clients with medical diagnoses of chronic pain conditions and acute pain or injuries.

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