Case Studies

Case Studies

At the Pain Care Clinic we work with people of all ages and from all walks of life, treating their chronic pain. Everyone we see is different and their chronic pain is as unique as they are. Everyone has a different history of how they have used their body, what work and exercise they have done, what injuries have befallen them, how their posture has adapted over time, and how they have coped with the stress of life and of pain.

Just as how and why someone develops chronic pain varies from person to person, many people continue to experience chronic pain despite visiting multiple medical specialists, taking medication, having surgery and trying all sorts of therapies. The picture of chronic pain is a jigsaw of pieces.

However, over our years treating many different people for chronic pain, we have noticed that everyone has certain experiences in common:

  • Their pain is limiting their life.
  • They have at least one medical diagnosis.
  • They are on lots of medication.
  • They have postural imbalances caused by accidents, surgery and/or repetitive movements.
  • They have experienced trauma or are living with stress.

The examples given below are of real people, leading ordinary lives, who have had their lives changed by chronic pain. In their own words they describe how their chronic pain has affected them and their journey through the medical system. In all of these cases we have worked with them using myofascial release to restore their bodies to normal balance and enable them to get on with their lives, pain-free.