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If you live with chronic pain, or know someone who does, this Living Pain Free workshop is designed for you


“the course was excellent and anyone with pain of any level should definitely attend the course and start incorporating fascial exercises into their day”


“good timing, well delivered and easy to understand, great to have the course recorded along with extra information, 10/10 for me”


“I’ve been doing myofascial release every night before bed and noticed that my sleep quality has improved and falling asleep is no longer a problem”


Run online over 5 weeks, this informative, informal and interactive workshop is open to all.

Discover the common causes for chronic pain and why standard medical approaches don’t work.

Learn practical self-help techniques for helping yourself out of pain.

A must for beginners and anyone interested in myofascial release and complementary therapies.


Run by Amanda Oswald, a leading UK myofascial release specialist & author of self-help guide Living Pain Free: Healing Chronic Pain with Myofascial Release.