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Here is just a sample of comments from our clients.

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  • what I liked most was the opportunity to go over things properly and practice them

  • the information was fantastic – Amanda’s gentle and kind manner was wonderful

  • Amanda’s skill and experience was really well communicated

  • the atmosphere was really good for learning and not too fast

  • I was suffering from post-operative shoulder/chest pain and restrictive movement which was progressively getting worse. For months I tried a variety of treatments and exercises to no avail. The pain had progressed to such a point that it was not only affecting my physical well-being, but also my emotional state. The operation itself had been traumatic, the treatments after no better, so having added pain was not helping my recovery at all.

    Fortuitously I was recommended to contact Amanda to help manage my pain. After only the first session I felt an immediate relief and a major shift in my pain. Amanda was a miracle worker – not only was she able to help relieve my shoulder pain, but naturally and effortlessly rebalanced my whole body, and reset my energy to allow me to heal myself.

    Coming to see Amanda was a safe haven that truly transformed my experience as it was healing in every way. Her magical touch, experience, compassion, and pure energy is a unique combination that’s hard to come by. I have been very fortunate to have her help and will forever be grateful for all that she has done for me.

    AMA, Shoulder & Back Pain
  • I had a course of 5 sessions with Amanda for very tight shoulders and neck pain – from the first session I experienced a loosening up with much more comfort during the days that followed. At each session the clearing of old structural ways of sitting and standing changed so that I began to find my focus was no longer on my body and it’s pains, but more on my daily life.

    Amanda is very professional in her approach, she knows what she is doing as she understands myofascial release well. I’m really glad I found her.

    JD, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Leeds
  • I cannot praise Amanda enough. I went to her with a very painful frozen shoulder. Over a few sessions she was able to relieve the pain and gradually restore the range of motion. Having struggled to find any therapy which worked I firmly believe she should be the first port of call for anyone with this condition.

    RM, frozen shoulder, London
  • Three years ago I had an operation to correct a hammer toe. End of story? No, as three years later the adjacent toe needed the same operation. Fearing that the pattern would be repeated on my other foot I pushed for advice on how to prevent this – orthotics were prescribed, plus a course of treatment from Amanda. With the remedial work she did and the simple exercises she recommended, I now feel confident that I will not be back with the surgeon any time soon. If only I had known about her after the first operation.

    JB, Hammer Toe
  • I had been struggling with muscle pain and spasms due to fibromyalgia for over four years with little relief despite trying multiple treatment regimens, medications, and behavioural and lifestyle modifications. Within a few sessions with Amanda and a few weeks using her individualised suggestions, my pain became so much more manageable that I was able to start exercising regularly again for the first time in years. I can feel my energy increasing and my sleep quality improving, and I’ve been able to decrease the dosage of the medication I once relied on. I always look forward to our sessions, and Amanda’s calm but incisive care, attention, and expertise. She’s clearly excellent in her field and has significantly changed my quality of life. I strongly recommend myofascial release therapy, especially for those suffering from fibromyalgia.

    Megan W, Fibromyalgia
  • I first consulted Amanda when I was suffering with chronic hip pain which had persisted for almost 2 years despite multiple consultations and scans with a variety of medical consultants. I was familiar with myofascial release treatment from previous surgery so I knew it could work – with the right practitioner! Amanda is that practitioner. She immediately got to the root of the hip problem and within only a few sessions I was free of pain. With hindsight I should have gone to Amanda first. I now see Amanda on a regular basis to maintain my pain-free status and when I do suffer an injury, Amanda has proven that I can depend on her – a recent skiing whiplash injury saw me walk into Amanda’s clinic unable to hold my head up, and walk out an hour later, pain-free, with my head held high. Amanda is professional, knowledgeable and always willing to take time to explain what has happened, how she can help, and how I can help myself.

    EL, Hip Pain, London
  • When I first contacted Amanda I was suffering from prostatitis and was in a great deal of discomfort. I’d been given antibiotics for months, seen multiple urologists, and was in despair not knowing what to do, nothing was working. Amanda was the first person to help me understand wht this tension had built up in my pelvic area, and gradually over six sessions of myofascial release, help undo this tension and start the healing process. It was remarkable how quickly things started to turn around…and with the additional exercises to do at home, I’ve gone on to make a full recovery. I couldn’t recommend Amanda highly enough and am really grateful for her help and expertise at a difficult time of my life.

    AK, Music Industry Professional, Non-bacterial Prostatitis
  • Find the Pain Care Clinic has changed my life. I was in constant pain due to scar tissue from having caesarians which stopped me from doing even normal things like walking the dog. Sleeping was impossible and I was constantly taking painkillers. Amanda helped relieve this all in a very short space. The myofascial balls Amanda recommends to use are brilliant!!! Thank you for your incredible help.

    JC, Scar Tissue, Leeds
  • I strongly recommend seeing Amanda. Incredibly skilled practitioner, knowledgable, kind and compassionate – she has not only helped in directly relieving pain, but also in explaining what is happening and suggesting ways forward. Most importantly, she has helped to alleviate the distress that ‘it will always be like this’. If your pain is neuro-muscular like mine, I cannot recommend her enough.

    KS, Neuromuscular PainLondon
  • When I first consulted Amanda I was suffering from RSI that was preventing me from doing my job as a writer. My right wrist, arm, shoulder and back had seized up and I was unable to type. The pain had not been alleviated by several months of physio, wearing a wrist brace, applying ice packs and taking large quantities of prescribed Ibuprofen. My first session with Amanda brought instant relief and reduction of pain; over 6 subsequent sessions I experienced complete elimination of the problem.

    HB, writer, RSI
  • After only one session I could feel the benefits and after a course of treatment I can honestly say that the sessions have changed my life. I come for occasional maintenance sessions now and Amanda has taught me many coping techniques so that I can continue with the benefits of her treatment at home. I am sincerely grateful and would highly recommend her practice!

    HFHeadaches & Jaw Pain
  • I went to see Amanda for myofascial release having suffered for many years from muscular aches and pains which I had been told by doctors was fibromyalgia. Since seeing Amanda I have felt strong and fit and have been able to keep up a fitness regime that includes running, cycling and yoga. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering the same kind of problems as myself.

  • When I first came to Amanda’s clinic in November 2009, I’d had four years of frozen shoulders – first the right and then the left. I was living a restricted life. I couldn’t reach up or dress myself with any dignity and even putting on a coat would have me whimpering with pain. Amanda’s reassuring and professional manner gave me the confidence and courage to have the treatment. I noticed a massive improvement within 24 hours and thereafter improved with a speed I’d never thought possible.

    S I-JFrozen Shoulder(s)
  • I went to Amanda when I had a problem with my Achilles heel, after a course of treatments I felt like I had a new pair of legs. It was such a relief! Amanda is very professional in her approach and I had every confidence that her treatments would be beneficial. My husband has also seen Amanda for a back condition that he had been suffering with for ages. His only complaint was that he’d wished he had gone to see her earlier. My advice to anyone reading this would be stop reading and book an appointment!

    Claire SiredOwner of Animal AllsortsBrighton
  • Amanda has helped me enormously – she is skilled, knowledgeable and firm.   I was born with talipes (club feet), and had lots of surgery as a child, I was pain free for most of my childhood, but as an adult I have had chronic foot, calf and knee pain.  Since seeing Amanda my pain has been far less than at any time in the last 20 years, and I have lots more flexibility in my ankles.   Thanks Amanda.

    Jilly A ConsultantBrighton
  • I had been searching for pain relief for chronic right-sided pain in and around my jaw and Amanda was the first person to give me a comprehensive understanding of exactly what was going on physiologically – this in itself was a huge relief after years of getting no definitive answers from doctors and medical specialists. My first visit brought me instant relief and was followed by 3 weeks with absolutely no pain.  Pain may well have no memory, but as the first sustained and meaningful pain relief I had experienced in many long months, I remember it well!  I have continued to go from strength to strength and now use myofascial release to help sustain a pain-free existence

    Amanda’s practical approach, in depth knowledge and her passion for the subject is reflected in her talent as a practitioner who has great physical strength and intuition, coupled with an impressive anatomical knowledge which she has always been happy to share with me.

    Amanda has been an immense help on my journey away from pain and I now have clarity and energy that I haven’t felt in years.

    I can’t believe that I had never heard of myofascial release in all my years of pain and believe strongly that it should be medically recognised. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Alison CActor & Trainer
  • Just a quick note to say how grateful I am for the work you did on me before I left the UK.  I deeply appreciated your quiet and unassuming wisdom.  I also want to thank you for the total feeling of confidence and safety I experienced throughout all sessions.  I just needed to send my appreciation across twelve thousand miles.

    Judi S Massage TherapistNew Zealand
  • I have been experiencing RSI for almost a year now, and it has been seriously taking its toll on my professional and social life.  After trying several therapists with no visible results, I started getting treatment with Amanda and I have to say how very impressed I am.  Not only is the pain decreasing and my condition getting better but I am suprised at how really professional Amanda is.  Her comprehension of RSI and its pathology is truly remarkable.
    I can honestly say Amanda is responsible for my recovery and I advise anyone who suffers from RSI as well to get treatment with her.  You won’t be in better hands.
    Thank you for everything.

    Paulo SantosFlamenco GuitaristBarcelona