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It’s Christmas – time to put up your decorations, write your Christmas cards, shop, cook, eat, drink and be merry. But have you ever felt any twinges in your hands as you write yet another Christmas card? Pains in your shoulder as you stretch to put the fairy on top of the tree? Or aching in your back as you lift yet more shopping out of the car?

Many people can make light of festive aches and pains as they will be short-term and soon forgotten about. But spare a thought this Christmas for RSI – repetitive strain injury – sufferers for whom chronic pain is part of their daily lives all year round.

RSI is one of the most persistent and least understood chronic pain conditions and annually prevents an estimated 500,000 people in the UK from performing everyday tasks, ranging from brushing their hair to working at their computer, without pain and discomfort. To my mind RSI is also one of the more preventable chronic pain conditions.

Read the Pain Care Clinic PDF RSI_NotJustForChristmas.


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