Introducing ScarWork

What is ScarWork?

ScarWork is a light touch therapy that works deeply into the body to help release issues with scar tissue and adhesions following surgery, injury and some inflammatory conditions such as endometriosis or lupus.

Scars are the body’s way of repairing damage to fascia and muscles caused by surgery, injuries or inflammatory conditions. Scars can be superficial or deep, and most are both. Any scar you can see on the surface of the skin is just the tip of the fascial iceberg that can reach deeply into the body. A scar is formed through the creation of collagen which is a protein that gives the body strength and structure. It is less flexible than other tissues which explains why scars often look and feel different to the surrounding skin.

Sometimes scars can develop into internal adhesions where scar tissue grows out along natural lines of tension in the body and attaches onto internal structures such as organs. When this happens it can restrict the function of the organ, for example adhesions on the colon can slow digestion and cause pain and other symptoms.

Often scars and adhesions in one area can cause symptoms elsewhere, for example an abdominal scar can cause back pain. This happens because the whole body is interconnected through the fascial network. A scar or adhesion creates a snag in the fascial net, a bit like a snag in a jumper, and this changes the balance of the whole body.

ScarWork was developed by US therapist Sharon Wheeler and is a gentle, pain-free approach which helps to remodel fascia and muscle tissue to reduce adhesions and improve the appearance of scars. As restrictions release these reduce tension in the fascial network and allow the body to rebalance improving posture and mobility. Releasing fascial restrictions around nerves can help to relieve pain and restore feeling to numb areas. Often the physical release of tissues can also help to release memories or emotions associated with the scars resulting in better mind-body balance.

Shoulder surgery scar – scar was deeply adhesed to underlying tissues.

Scar looser and more hydrated following one treatment.

At Pain Care Clinic we work using a combination of ScarWork, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. For anyone who has significant scars and/or adhesions, we recommend starting with ScarWork first so that subsequent treatments create a more lasting whole body rebalance and realignment. We always also give our clients simple self-help myofascial exercises to help maintain tissue releases in the longer term.


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