New Harley Street Premises & New Prices for Pain Care Clinic

Pain Care Clinic is crossing the road to new Harley Street premises for the New Year.

One of the challenges of working in Harley Street is finding suitable clinic space at a price that makes appointments affordable for clients. So we have been disappointed that what started out five years ago as pleasant clinic space has deteriorated in this past year in particular to a point where it was no longer acceptable as therapeutic space. Therefore we have decided to relocate to 10 Harley Street.

10 Harley Street

10 Harley Street

10 Harley Street (W1G 9PF) is an impressive Georgian townhouse dedicated to medical consulting and complementary therapies. Unfortunately demand for space in the building means we have had to reduce our clinic days from two to one day per week. From January 2013 Harley Street appointments will be available on Mondays only 9am to 8pm.

Appointment prices are also changing in the New Year. It has been three years since Pain Care Clinic increased our charges for appointments (five years in Harley Street). During that time we have absorbed various increased costs, notably premises but also banking and card processing fees. However, we have had to take a deep breath and give in to commercial pressures to increase prices for 2013. This will enable us to improve our premises and invest in better support for clients.

From 01 January 2013 appointments will be charged at:
• Harley Street £100, and
• Brighton & Hove £65.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!



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