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Posture is one of those hot topics where everyone has an opinion and most people automatically straighten up as soon as its mentioned. But posture is not always what we think it is. It’s not a specific position but rather a constantly shifting pattern of reflexes, body habits and adaptive responses of your body to stay upright and functional. Taken back to its most primordial level, posture enables us to keep our eyes pointing forwards so we can remain vigilant to external dangers.

Work Life v Healthy Posture

Unfortunately it appears that much of modern life is not particularly compatible with a healthy posture. In a report commissioned by Fellowes, suppliers of workplace equipment, in 2019 the question was posed about the effects of workplace habits on our overall health and posture. Since then we’ve had the covid pandemic which if anything has exacerbated many of the worst workplace habits as we’ve faced the practical challenges of home working.

The report summarised that workplace habits are creating health that is on a backward trend and currently worse than in Medieval times. As technology has advanced the need to move has reduced. Tasks that once involved getting up and walking about can now be achieved with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

The dangers of not moving

Physical inactivity and asymmetric physical strain from phone calling, typing and mouse-clicking are causing degenerative of our bones, joints and muscles, inflammation, and dehydrated and restricted fascia. The result is an increase in conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. Added to this is the mental stress of ‘infobesity’ (data overload) which leads to anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Introducing ‘Emma’

This video produced in association with the report introduces the office worker of the future with all of the physical changes that can result from prolonged office work:


How not to become an ‘Emma’

However knowledge is powerful and armed with this knowledge of what can go wrong, we have the tools to prevent this from happening. All the body needs to stay healthy is low intensity, high frequency movements throughout the entire day. Movements that involve the whole body.

To avoid ending up like Emma, make sure you take regular breaks whether you’re working at home or in an office. Go outside into sunlight and walk – this provides mental and physical stimulation and relaxes the nervous system. Check in with yourself while you’re working – slouching is no bad thing if it’s a temporary pose, but slumped and twisted posture for hours on end will result in structural changes to your body over time.

Myofascial Exercises can Help

Try our exercises to help with posture. These are simple myofascial exercises that you can do at work or at home and can help to iron out some of those creases and crinkles that have developed in your body and stop you from becoming an Emma:



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