Pain Care Clinic wins Mental Health Award!

We are proud to announce our latest Award!

It may be September but it’s never too late to announce another 2023 award success for Pain Care Clinic!

This time we are proud to announce that we have been awarded Myofascial Release Specialists of the Year 2023 – UK as part of the GHP Mental Health Awards 2023.

But this is a Mental Health Award?

Hang on a minute, I hear you say, aren’t you all about hands-on therapy to help with chronic pain? The answer is yes, but at Pain Care Clinic we take a wholistic approach to every client. We understand that the divide between physical and mental conditions is only a human construct. In reality the two are intimately linked within a single entity and whatever affects the body also affects the mind, and vice versa.

Most of our clients may come to us with physical pain but they generally also report feelings of anxiety, stress and sometimes also associated depression. They find that the benefits of myofascial release therapy and self-help myofascial treatment reduce these feelings and improve their mood and energy as well as help to resolve their pain.

Global Health & Pharma Magazine

But don’t just take it from us, let’s hear from GHP themselves in this statement they have released to mark the 2023 Awards:

Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Magazine has announced the winners of the Mental Health Awards programme 2023.

GHP proudly announces a successful return of the Mental Health Awards programme as we work our way through such a fruitful year. With endless compassion and top quality services, each of our winners have shown their true colours. We are proud to be part of the recognition of those improving the area of mental health for the world, and we know that their help is changing the state of mental health around the globe.

Collectively, after a tumultuous few years, we all know what ill mental health can do to a person. However, we have a tremendous selection of mental health services which each bring hope and deliver brighter days for us all.

As a brand, GHP takes pride in awarding businesses and professionals who have gone above and beyond to play a pivotal role within this ever-evolving sector. The Awards programme continues to acknowledge leading pioneers and technology developers across the globe.

Our Awards Coordinator, Stephanie Tooby, has commented on the success of this programme: “The mental health awards are a delight to host as it is a subject so close to people’s hearts. We may all be affected by mental health issues at some point in our lives and our awards programme demonstrates that none of us should ever feel alone. Congratulations to all of our winners, you offer star-studded services for people of the present and generations to come.”

You can visit the GHP website to see our winners listing HERE


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