Therapists – why you should train in Fascial Self-Help Techniques

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As the owner of the Pain Care Clinic I literally wrote the book about self-help myofascial release exercises and also offer this training to therapists.

Many people have heard about myofascial release, the gentle yet powerful hands-on therapy that works to release restrictions in the fascia, the main connective tissue in the body. But most of them are not too sure about what fascia is or even know that it can be the cause of many common chronic pain conditions.

Fascia wraps round and through all structures in the body including muscles, nerves, blood vessels, bones and organs. It forms a bodywide network and when it is working normally fascia is fluid adapting to allow us free movement. However sometimes restrictions can form in fascia that cause pain felt locally to the restriction, or referred to elsewhere in the body. Restrictions can result from accidents & injuries, surgeries & scar tissue, posture, over & underuse, stress, or for most of us some combination of these. These restrictions can be the underlying cause of many pain conditions from headaches and jaw pain to chronic pelvic pain and plantar fasciitis.

Myofascial release is not just hands-on therapy but also a self-help approach. We think it is so important that we teach self-help exercises to every client we treat in clinic. And we have many people worldwide who we’ve never met in person who are also using our approach. Regular use of our myofascial balls and stretching exercises is empowering people to start helping themselves out of pain and stay pain-free. People find they are very relaxing while helping to reduce pain, improve mobility and range of movement.

The best way for anyone to start myofascial self-help exercises is by working with a trained therapist who can explain fascia, create tailored programmes and guide them through the exercises. As a result of increasing public interest, many therapists are now starting to seek out myofascial self-help training to give their practice the edge. And we want to share our knowledge with other therapists to help spread this powerful self-help approach.

In our Fascial Self-Help Techniques course we take you through the principles of learning, how to explain fascia in plain English, and how to confidently plan and run exercise sessions with your clients and members of the public in 1-2-1 sessions, group classes and workshops, and even remotely. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to try the exercises for yourself as well as supervised practise of teaching in different settings. You get a comprehenisve manual and access to a video library of all the exercises. And we even give you one of our exclusive Myofascial Release Kits to take home! If you want to take your therapy practice to the next level with myofascial release why not join our next Self-Help Techniques course 24/25 February.

Fascial Self-Help Techniques


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